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Mold is not only unsightly, it can also cause structural damage, allergic reactions and respiratory problems. ProChem’s is certified and insured as a mold remediation company, and all our work meets EPA and OSHA guidelines.



A healthy home starts from the ground up. The environment in your crawl space is crucially important. It helps regulate the atmosphere of everything above your subfloor. That’s why it’s necessary to control it with proper ventilation, ground covering and a moisture control system.

Typical solutions to moisture problems in your home include:

  • Crawlspace Clean-Outs

  • Insulation Removal and Installation

  • Interior French Drain Systems

  • Sump Pumps

  • Moisture (or Vapor) Barriers

  • Encapsulation Systems

  • Global Dehumidification Systems

  • Waterproofing


Crawl space encapsulation might be necessary If moisture control does not provide the right solution for your moisture problem. Encapsulation should be considered for more extreme circumstances or because the customer prefers that method due to the clean environment it creates within the crawl space.  We tape and seal all seams, run it up the piers and up the foundation wall, which is something that we don’t normally do but is necessary to completely seal and block air to the crawl space. We can also put foam board insulation on the walls to provide further protection. Dehumidification is vital in an encapsulation system like this. 

Having your crawl space encapsulated makes both your home and your crawl space healthier places to be and provides a proven method of pest control. By sealing off crawl space vents, insects and animals are prevented from gaining access to your home. Once any pest is in your crawl space they will eventually move inside your house looking for moisture, food, or a more comfortable climate. By encapsulating the crawl space you deter many of these pests from entering your home by way of the foundation or floors. Moisture removal will create an uninviting environment for mold, rot, dust mites and certain pests such as cockroaches. It will also neutralize foul smells caused by mildew and animals.

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