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Pet stores and veterinarian offices aren’t the only places that get infested with fleas! It only takes the presence of a pet in your home or office to invite them in.  Even though the pet may only be inside for a little while, what they left behind may be around a long time!



Is your dog or cat suffering from fleas? Besides causing painful, itchy bites and rashes, fleas can also carry and transmit diseases, like typhus and tapeworms.

We all know that our pets may have problems with fleas and ticks, but did you know that fleas can invade your home as well? Humans can be bitten by fleas as easily as the family pets. Flea invasions can be prevented, but flea extermination in your home may be necessary if an infestation can gain a foothold. Ticks can be even more worrisome; they transmit dangerous diseases such as Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and Lyme’s Disease. If you think you might be vulnerable to flea or tick infestation, call us today for an inspection.


Eradication of fleas and ticks involves more than inside home treatment. You must also take steps to ensure a pest-free yard and pest-free pets. At Pro Chem Pest Management, we treat your home, yard, and pet areas. We also recommend that you follow veterinarian advice concerning environmentally safe pet flea-biology pest management.

After correctly identifying the nature of your pest infestation, a Pro Chem Pest Management technician will schedule flea and tick treatment according to your timeframe. Reliable flea and tick management combines both physical and mechanical solutions. Our techs focus on pest control. This includes use of advanced vacuum technology, treatment of nearby outdoor areas, and application of natural nontoxic flea and tick control products.

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